Why Lockenbox?

What Lockenbox offers you

Frustrating product researches, endlessly reading through too many different reviews and collecting numerous ineffective, expensive, never-again-used-products in your cupboard.

- Does that sound familiar?
We want to solve that problem with Lockenbox.

Lockenbox offers you high-quality product variety and affordable experimentation - so you can finally find your absolute favourite products without the risk of spending a ton of money.

Save money, time and stress!

No more hours spent searching for the most suitable curl products for your curl type!
Every month or other month we send you the best natural curl care products directly to your doorstep so that you can get closer to finding your perfect curl routine.
Receive 4-5 full size as well as travel size products for a fantastic price. Experiment with joy and without thinking about your wallet!

Free from silicones, sulfates, parabens and mineral oil

We do not only want to send you effective curl products. Our standards for the quality of the products included are very high - We only want the best for our curls!

Healthy variety!

In our monthly Lockenbox product selection, we look for as much variety as possible in the ingredients of the products. Just as a one-sided diet cannot provide your body with sufficient nutrients, minerals and vitamins, a one-sided hair care routine won´t provide your hair with what it needs. Your curls will become dull and brittle over time. Because your hair and scalp love a variety of ingredients for inner health and outer beauty.

Suitable for all curl types

Our conviction: choosing curl products according to how they worked for someone with the same curl type often ends in disappointment.
No wonder, because each curl strand is unique in its chemical composition - even if they look the same!

The key to lasting product success is simply TRIAL, TRIAL, TRIAL - until individual favorites are found!

Every curly type is equally beautiful to us. Whether it's wavy, kinky, curly or coily. One and the same curl product can work equally well or badly with one or the other curl type. If it says "for kinky curls" on the product packaging, it could work just as well or even better with "waves" and vice versa.

With Lockenbox we hope to make it a little easier and especially cheaper for you to develop your individual hair care routine.