Wellness for your curls!

We know how difficult & expensive it can be to find the right curl care products. We have the solution for you:
Lockenbox. Experiment your way through wonderful curl products & convince yourself before you repurchase them at the regular price.

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Your monthly spa moment with Lockenbox!

Let yourself be surprised by up to 6 high-quality curl care products as well as unique accessories. The amazing part? The value of the box far exceeds the price & you can cancel at any time! Psst... for Lockenbox members we also have exclusive discount codes to repurchase your favorites.

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The Lockenbox experience...

Let the treasure hunt begin! Each Lockenbox is filled with curly hair treasures and carefully complied each month under a special theme.

Exclusive box composition by experts

In a box up to 6 hand-picked curl products are included in optimally matched product sizes. Sit back, relax and enjoy your unboxing. We pay attention for you to varied, balanced and CGM safe ingredients, the right protein-moisture balance & much more!


Valuable application tips

You not receive the products from us, we also equip you with valuable knowledge about curls, styling techniques & methods.
Discover valuable curl care tips that will bring your curls to a new level!

Booklet & theme

Each Lockenbox is created under a special theme. So let yourself be taken monthly into a world that will make you to smile and dream. You will not only receive the products from us, we will support you in every step of your curl journey. In each box you will therefore find a lovingly designed booklet for the perfect application of the products.


How is this possible?

How do we manage to offer you high quality curly hair products for the fraction of the price? We are not a conventional online store. We have lean processes, low storage costs & no intermediaries. So you can just enjoy your monthly your curl spa moment.

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This is how it works

In 3 steps to absolute curl happiness:

Step 1

Order your Lockenbox subscription in the desired delivery interval.

Step 2

Receive Lockenbox with fantastic curl products.

Step 3

Discover favorite products & repurchase at a discounted price in the Lockenbox Online Shop!

Profit from MYcurls

Your wellness program does not stop with the Lockenbox. Collect Curlcredits and redeem them with great gifts. How about a shampoo brush or a pre-poo oil? Or would you prefer a discount code? No problem at all. In our gift box you will find everything your (curly) heart desires.

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