All Lockenbox advantages at one glance

Your curl spa moment with Lockenbox is not only the best gift for your curls, but also for you: Lockenbox comes with exclusive benefits.

Lockenbox membership

Enjoy your curl spa moment at home!

Lass dich überaschen von 4 -5 hochwertigen Lockenpflegeprodukten sowie einzigartigen Accessoires für nur 31,95€, und das bei einem Warenwert von 65€-90€ - jeden Monat, alle 2 Monate oder alle 3 Monate.
Finde die optimalen Pflegeprodukte für deine Locken.

Flexibles Lieferintervall, jederzeit kündbar & inkl. Versand.

Hand-picked products

Test yourself through high-quality curly hair products & Newcomer, which we pick out new for you every month anew.

Exclusive cost advantage

The amazing part? The value of each box far exceeds the price! Exclusively for Lockenbox members.

Finding instead of searching

The time-consuming search for the right curly hair products has an end. You will only find from now on!

Your advantages as a
Lockenbox member

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Mit handverlesenen, exklusiven Produkte Kosten sparen

Let yourself be surprised by up to 6 high-quality curl care products as well as unique accessories. The amazing part? The value of the box far exceeds the price & you can cancel at any time! Psst... for Lockenbox members we also have exclusive discount codes to repurchase your favorites.


Profit from MYcurls

Your wellness program does not stop with the Lockenbox. Collect CURLCREDITS and redeem them with great gifts. How about's a shampoo brush or a pre-poo oil? Or would you prefer a discount code? No problem at all. In our gift box you will find everything your (curly) heart desires.


Save time, nerves and research

Lockenbox is perfectly thought out, so you no longer have to invest time in endless research or complicated methods & terminology. All products are curl-friendly, we equip you with valuable curl knowledge - & you only have to open your Lockenbox & can start directly.

How is this possible?

How do we manage to offer you high quality curly hair products for the fraction of the price?

We are not a conventional online store. We have lean processes, low inventory costs & no middlemen.

So you can relax and enjoy your curl spa moment every month.

Wert der Box 70,00 €
Dein monatlicher Preis 32,95 €

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Adina Kern
Founder Lockenbox